Disasters are unpredictable. Pre-positioning aid saves lives. Help us reach more displaced families in less time with life-saving shelter and supplies.

A fundraising campaign for ShelterBox USA


When disaster strikes, every second counts for the families whose homes have been destroyed. That's why we preposition aid in warehouses worldwide, enabling ShelterBox to respond quickly with emergency shelter and essential supplies. 

This year, we’ve drawn down on our stock, providing emergency aid to hundreds of thousands of families and responding swiftly to crises, including the Turkey & Syria earthquakes, the Ukraine crisis, and the conflict in Sudan.

Now, we must restock our pre-positioned aid to ensure that when the next emergency strikes, we are ready to respond quickly with life-saving shelter and aid. Will you help ShelterBox be ready?

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With every donation, you bring hope and healing 
to families devastated by disasters.


Items are illustrative of the types of aid ShelterBox provides. Donations fund emergency shelter needs worldwide. By supporting Stock the Box, you play a vital role in filling our strategically positioned warehouses with customized shelter aid. With your help, we'll be ready with life-saving aid when the next disaster strikes.



There are more than 100 million people displaced around our world. ShelterBox is working to change that by providing emergency shelter and household supplies to people displaced by disaster and conflict situations around the world. 

Our swift response to the Turkey-Syria earthquakes and the crisis in Ukraine results from strategically pre-positioning aid and over 20 years of expertise in providing emergency shelter and household supplies to people displaced by disaster and conflict situations around the world. In fact, our work in some of the world's most extreme conflict zones is the reason ShelterBox was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018 and 2019. 

To date, we’ve served more than 2.5 million people in over 300 responses across 100 countries and currently have eight responses underway.  

As a privately-funded charity, our work would not be possible without you. Thank you.

To learn more, visit: www.ShelterBoxUSA.org


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