St. John's Catholic Campus Ministry at ISU

We provide a Christian environment rich in hospitality, prayer, liturgy, and discipleship! Your gift today will have long-lasting benefits for many students!

A fundraising campaign for Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise

Please support the Campus Ministry program at St. John's on the campus of Idaho State University!      

As part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise, St. John’s Catholic Center’s mission is to provide a Christian environment rich in hospitality, prayer, liturgy, and discipleship, from which we can reach out to evangelize and serve the greater community. St. John’s welcomes students and faculty of ISU as well as others who wish to be a part of our family.

·       Close to 100 students spend quality time as part of our Catholic community in Pocatello and are actively involved in Campus Ministry on a weekly basis.

·       Hundreds of students attend Sunday Mass and participate in additional prayer experiences like adoration and morning/evening prayer regularly.

·       Each campus has reported an increase in student participation in its campus ministry beyond attendance at Mass (retreats, adoration, bible studies, and other events)

·       Students are energized by the liturgy and music and attend the social, community building events like weekly social events, dinner and discussion evenings, daily masses, lunches and bible studies during the week.

·       Bengal Catholics Student leaders are being formed and empowered to reach out to fellow students, build meaningful relationships, and invite them into a deeper relationship with Jesus and His Church. 

St. John’s Catholic center’s mission is to serve and minister to the students, faculty, and staff of Idaho State University. We are a center of hospitality, prayer, liturgy and sacraments, and outreach. We are staffed by a full-time paid campus minister, and a full time Catholic Priest. Additionally, we have the support and assistance of approximately 15 volunteers from the permanent Catholic community in Eastern Idaho, and of our nine peer ministers. Both Catholics and non-Catholics take advantages of the services offered by St. John’s. Our community is multicultural, multi-religious, and people from all different social classes are represented. 


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About the Organization

Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise

Campus Ministry in the Diocese of Boise strives to help our campus communities to know Christ and to make Christ know on our campuses.
We do this by:
Creating CHRIST CENTERED COMMUNITIES that focus on welcoming, engaging, serving, and loving anyone we encounter, by providing social and community fellowship so that they come to know we care for them and wish them to belong
Offering CHRISTIAN DISCIPLESHIP that develops leaders in the church and community through intellectual, spiritual, liturgical, moral, sacramental catechesis and mentoring.
Being a PROPHETIC VOICE that works for justice by engaging, serving, teaching and critiquing the culture through the lens of our rich Catholic teaching and living the corporal and spiritual works of mercy