Family Promise of GainesvilleSpring 2021 donations

Every child deserves a home.

Geraing up for a new year, we appreciate all help as we continue our socially distanced shelter and housing programs. Our newest program is to address Homeless Prevention strategies. 

As soon as the eviction moratorium ends, millions of Americans will face homelessness for the first time. We want to stem the tide of this eviction. One key way we will do that is through our Prevention program. 

Homeless Prevention Programs will be a key component of reducing shelter use and overwhelming the homeless service sector's capacity.

Family Promise estimates that we need an additional $25,000 in prevention funding for the year. We have a proven program that prioritizes those that can sustain themselves after one-time assistance. The average cost per family is $1,650 and this will allow us to help 30 families.

While we believe in and utilize Housing First for most other programs, our prevention program will try to help as many people with as light of a touch as possible. In order to best achieve this prevention strategy, the parameters of our

existing homeless prevention program are listed below.

Potential clients:

1. Must have a 3-day notice and/or are currently homeless

2. Have a proven financial hardship

3. Have been employed for at least 6 months

4. Rent is more than 30% of Income (rental assistance only)

5. Must have a child under the age of 18 in the home

6. Must have a reference letter from current landlord (prevention


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