Spoil a Stray for "Reducing Shelter Stress Month"

Even if you can't adopt you can make a shelter pet feel loved by making their stay at a shelter a bit more comfortable and fun by giving to this special fund.

A fundraising campaign for Alamo Heights Animal Care Services

Alamo Heights Animal Care Services does not have an animal shelter or facility of our own so many of the animals we save from the streets must live in boarding facilities while waiting to be adopted by their forever family.  The basic necessities of food, shelter and vet care are always provided for the animals in our care but don't you agree that they deserve much more?  If so, join us and spoil the strays in our adoption program by donating today.  Funds raised here will be spent on items that will help make an animal's stay in the boarding facility more comfortable and fun. 

Items like interactive toys and puzzles provide animals with mental stimulation and give them something to do instead of just sitting in a cage waiting to be adopted.  

Dog training sessions are helpful when dogs in our care have habits and behaviors that make them more difficult to adopt out.  We don't know the histories of the strays we pick up off of the streets but some of them have been mistreated and need to be worked with by professionals so that they can learn to trust people again.  Others are full of energy and need to learn some manners before becoming a family pet.

Heavy duty beds that are raised off of the ground are great for animals being kenneled because they provide the animal a softer spot to lay and get comfortable and because they are raised off the ground they stay clean longer and don't create more work for the kennel staff.  

You can also show the strays that they are loved and brighten up their day with a gift from our Reducing Shelter Stress Amazon Wish List:  http://a.co/by3dJnq

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