Who doesn't love a splash-pad in a city park? Such an attraction would be an asset to the Payette community.

A fundraising campaign for Paula D Winsor Foundation

Paula always longed to see a splash-pad in Central Park in Payette.  She believed it would help bring children of all ages together in a safe, friendly environment, near the Payette Public Library.  While this is a monumental undertaking, such a park does not exist in our community - short of a drive to Boise.

With a financial commitment from the Foundation, and cooperation from the City of Payette and the Payette County Parks & Recreation Department, a joint venture of this nature could prove beneficial to the economy, literacy, and health of the community.

This is, by far, the most ambitious, multi-year project on our plate.

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About the Organization

Paula D Winsor Foundation

The Paula D Winsor Foundation was established in 2016 to provide opportunities for the youth of Payette, and the surrounding area, to pursue their educational goals, and to support the health of the community by supporting enhanced resources for recreational opportunities. The Foundation is a private, tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. We are managed by a volunteer Board of Directors which represents area businesses, citizens, and friends and family of Paula Winsor.

The Foundation believes that healthy communities are built by an educated citizenry; that the youth of the community can be strengthened by increased exposure to educational and recreational activities; and that by strengthening the youth, we help build a productive, long-term future for the community.