Join SolaRISE Portland as we protect our future

Actions we take today directly impact what our tomorrow will look like. Help us Raise $ for Solar Arrays for Portland Public Schools.

A fundraising campaign for Foundation for Portland Public Schools

We're done sitting on the sidelines of our future

Youth across the country (and globe!) are demanding real action on climate change to protect their future.  Scientific evidence shows the world we are to inherit will be drastically different than that of our grandparents.  So, we're doing everything we can to protect it.

Welcome to SolaRISE Portland, the vision of Portland students to put solar panels on the rooftops of schools throughout the city.  SolaRISE Portland has quickly expanded to include students of all ages across the city as well as faculty, administration, parents, city leaders and environmental groups.  Everyone wants to do their part to protect this planet for future generations.  This effort is a vital step towards Portland's goal to be carbon neutral by 2030!  And, we need your help!

Our goal is to raise $25,000 in this fundraiser to show how important this work is to all of us.  The money will defray costs associated with the transition to solar arrays such as roof preparation, engineering work, and other aspects.  While creating this incredible earth-friendly electrical system, we recognize the importance of making it short-term cost neutral and long-term cost beneficial for Portland.  Donations go to the Foundation for Portland Public Schools (a 501c3).

Please make a donation now.  And, if you are a business or an environmental organization who would like to help even more, please create your own fundraising team for this effort.  You'll have your own fundraising page to share with your staff, friends, and family. 

Join us in the streets with HUNDREDS of youth and adult allies on Saturday, May 4th
to show the city and world that we are bringing real solutions to the biggest threat of our generation.  

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