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Kids soar with Pendulum! The High Art of Circus! Pendulum is Bold! Sophisticated! Daring!

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                      THE HIGH ART OF CIRCUS

Founded in 2000, Pendulum is an innovator of Aerial Arts & Performance.  We use a combination of acrobatics, theater, story telling and circus arts to engage, inspire and train the next generation of artists.

With your help we are able to continue to bring our internationally acclaimed programming to the Portland community. Our education program is founded in excellence, and we use aerial arts to encourage students to find their creative voice while becoming physically fit. Pendulum offers year-round recreational classes, guest artist workshops, a Summer Intensive and a two-year professional training program for students. Our classes run on a semester basis and are curriculum-based, with a focus on rigorous training, correct technique and safety. Students may train up to 20 hours each week.  Our training facilities, located at the French American International School, offer 8,500 square feet of circus heaven with 35 foot ceilings and 40 hanging points.

TRUST : Pendulum strives to be, first and foremost, a safe place for our students. Not only in regards to the demands of their physical training, but also in terms of emotional development as well. Many of our students come to use in adolescence, a time when many influences strive to silence their young voices. We hope to help them find that voice and learn how to express it. While not all of our students choose to make a career as a performer, we hope to send them all out into the world confident in who they are and how to live a life of honesty and authenticity.

DISCIPLINE :Circus is tough! The great artists make it look effortless, but our students know it’s hard work. At Pendulum, technical excellence is at the core of our training. Proper conditioning and progressive curriculum lay the foundation needed to become one of those performers that make hard things look easy. Don’t get us wrong, our students have fun and love the time spent in the gym, but what makes Pendulum special is that all of our students leave with a level technical proficiency that you won’t get from drop-in programs.

COMMUNITY : When you start training with Pendulum, you’re really joining a family. Our students and staff spend many hours together and often form life-long friendships. Even though Pendulum alumni are spread around the globe, doing great things in circus, many of them still make the time to find their way back to visit and share what they’ve learned. Pendulum’s reputation in the world of Circus has allowed us to provide artistic and educational collaborations with friends from around the world.  By donating today you will be a part of the Pendulum family and be a part of a staple of Portland's ever expanding art community.

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About the Organization

Under the direction of Suzanne Kenney, named one of the top 5 women in circus, Pendulum has been an innovator in both aerial performance and education in the United States, mixing dance, acrobatics, theatre and storytelling with contemporary circus arts.

Pendulum’s productions create a stunning visual journey for audiences that break the barriers of traditional art forms and fuse mixed genres while weaving artistically compelling stories that inspire and entertain audiences and performers alike. Today, motivated by a passion for telling stories and inspiring youth, the company collaborates with cross-disciplinary performers to create new works ranging from vaudeville style entertainment to narrative-driven contemporary productions. Visually stunning and emotionally moving, Pendulum’s work is a window into strength, beauty, joy, and the desire to take risks. The company has created twenty-five original productions and has been touring nationally since 2011.

Pendulum’s education program, originally created in...

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