SJJC Give Tuesday

The Ultimate Goal of the Cook County Southland Juvenile Justice Council is to reduce the number of juvenile cases in Markham Juvenile Court.

In honor of being a 1st-time participant of Giving Tuesday, the Cook County Southland Juvenile Justice Council (SJJC) has built a campaign for Justice-Involved Youth, to have access to thriving diversion opportunities, in lieu of incarceration. We are asking if you would donate to enhance, continue & grow SJJC's efforts to uphold or Mission & Juvenile Justice Plan by reducing juvenile delinquency. 

Today is Giving Tuesday. Your donation will assist with Justice-Involved Youth becoming one step closer to sustainable diversion programs. Your donation will help Justice-Involved Youth have Roundtrip transportation to access our Restorative Justice Programs, Youth Employment Initiatives, Girls Groups & other community-based initiatives held at our holistic pocket in Harvey, Illinois; that will lead to personal/professional growth, job creation & overall attainable success. 

The Cook County Southland Juvenile Justice Council is hopeful that you will consider donating to our charge, which is to provide Diversion Programs. Your donation will elevate the benefits of the only Juvenile Justice Council in Cook County, remain accessible for our youth & their families in the South Suburban Region of Cook County.

To learn more about the Cook County Southland Juvenile Justice Council & the benefits for Justice-Involved Youth, visit our website. To learn more about SJJC's programs & impact forecast,  review our Juvenile Justice Plan.

With Gratitude,
Jaclin Davis 
Executive Director 

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About the Organization

Cook County Southland Juvenile Justice Council

The Cook County Southland Juvenile Justice Council(SJJC) is a Not for Profit, community based organization that is supported by legislation, HB4044 and comprised of Stakeholders that reside and/or work in South Suburban Cook County, while partnering to create the opportunity for the development of a community-based interagency assessment of the local juvenile justice system. In May of 2017 SJJC completed their juvenile justice plan for the prevention of juvenile delinquency; and shared it with appropriate Cook County Board & Juvenile Court Stakeholders as tools that SJJC deems viable, realistic & holistic means of implementation practices to effectively utilize community resources, in dealing with juveniles who are found to be involved in crime, chronic truancy or who have been suspended or expelled from school. SJJC is collaborating and partnering with our local police, probation & parole departments/offices to implement more diversion programs for our youth.