She Means Business 2019

a week-long entrepreneurship training program for young women

A fundraising campaign for Alternatives Impact

This summer, we are excited to offer our week-long entrepreneurial workshop, She Means Business, for 13-16 year old young women. For the third year, we are providing the opportunity for participants to learn about the steps to create a small business, network with successful, local women business owners, and present their business development plans to a panel on the final day.

Alternatives believes that all young women should have access to the tools that will make them successful in today’s economy – and, moreover, that our entire community benefits when they do.

This year, it is our goal to improve workshop materials and lunch nutrition, as well as expand the scholarship fund so that family income is not a barrier to participation. Today, we are asking you to make a gift to support She Means Business. Your donation makes possible the most level playing field we can offer young women in our community when it comes to accessing financial education.

Consider giving today!

About She Means Business

Stemming from a partnership with Girls Mean Business, a local initiative focused on educating young women, this collaboration allows Alternatives to pilot entrepreneurial skill-building to a younger, targeted audience.

During She Means Business, participants learn about the myriad steps necessary to develop a small business. From evaluating business ideas to building financial projections to retail pricing, the young women who participate in this week-long workshop gain valuable experience not taught elsewhere. As they receive instruction and advice from successful, local female business owners, the students also have the opportunity to network—both with the business owners and each other. This workshop culminates in a final presentation of the participants’ business development plans to a mock funders’ panel. Panelists then provide individualized feedback to help the young women take the next steps toward entrepreneurship.

Not only does this workshop educate local young women about entrepreneurship and offer them hands-on experience developing their business ideas, it also facilitates a network of local business women of all ages who can offer their support and expertise as these young women navigate the business world. It is our hope that through providing opportunities for education, feedback, and networking, these young women will feel empowered and have the practical knowledge they need to succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

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