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The IRISE (Intelligent, Resilient, Intellectual, Smart, Empowered) Literary and Creative Arts Academy

Help Children and Youth Become Published Authors, Journalist, Playwrights, Poets, or Songwriters

The IRISE  Literary and Creative Arts Academy gives youth the opportunity to go from aspiring writers to published authors, journalist, novelists, poets, songwriters, playwrights, producers, graphics novelists, cartoon artists, comic book writers and photographers The program provides youths the  opportunity to use imagination, creativity, experiences, and critical thinking outside the box through the literary and creative arts.


The program gives youth the opportunity 

 1.  Improve reading and creative writing skills

2.  Write a full-length novel, book, play, and other

      literary and creative arts works.

3.  Provide youth the opportunity to use imagination,

     creativity, experiences, and critical thinking  

                                                                                                      outside the box to create their own masterpieces.


During the process youth write and create under the guidance of  professional authors, journalists, playwrights, songwriters, poets,  teachers and volunteer writing coaches.  They  consult with industry  professionals about the design and  publication of their work and receive first-hand advice from professionals in the field. This interaction allows them to foster relationships with theirs peers as well as professionals in the fields that serve as mentors and roles models who help them plan and set goals in their chosen career field. The professionals also serve as a resource for future reference.



Research has shown that students (especially disadvantaged, underserved students) often struggle in school with basic skills in reading, writing and math. The IRISE Literary and Creative Arts Academy is an outlet for youth to not only write and publish, but also to improve academic skills in reading and writing. Improvement in reading and writing positively impact and change youth attitudes toward school, motivate them to learn, and decrease the risk of school dropout.

What Has Been Done

EDEC conducted half day reading and writing literary and creative camps during the summer with an average attendance of 12 youth. EDEC wants to expand the timeframe into a week-long literary and creative arts camp to facilitate more youth. Youth who participated in the camp during the summer reported an improvement in reading and writing skills.

The Outcome

Youth Learn an Appreciation for Writing and Publishing

Youth gain an appreciation for writing and the amount of time, effort, and planning that goes into publishing.Youth also gain real-world experience by working on assignments  that involve reading, developing critical thinking skills and writing. Youth also get the opportunity to work with professionals in the field.


Real-world assignments provide youth with experience working as authors, journalists, playwrights, songwriters, cartoon artists, comic book writers or  producers. Professionals from the field have the opportunity to give back to the community by providing volunteer services and expertise to youth.

In addition (1) youth increase writing skills; (2) become real writers, authors and publishers; (3)have choice in what they are writing and publishing; (4) use creativity, interests and experiences to hone writing skills and improve writing  scores; (5) engage in activities that help in the writing process; (6) increase their desire to write and (7) be exposed to a complete publication from the research stage to design and publication.


What can your donations do to  transform a mind and change a life.  Help send a youth to Literary and Creative Arts Camp in June 2018.

 Current Funding Needs

With your help, 25 youths who are  interested in Literary and Creative Arts  will  be able to attend  Summer Camp. Youths will have the opportunity to be exposed to real life experiences in the world of writing and producing from publishing books to producing plays and songs.  Without your help it cannot be done. Only by working  together can we make a difference in the lives of youth in our communities that need it the most.  Estimated cost is $6250. Your contibutions will help us expand our resources and provide this program to more youth who can benefit from  a program that will prepare them to  become contributing members of  society.

Here’s what your donation can provide:


$250 pays for summer camp                                                 $150 pays for lodging

$100 pays for publishing fees                                  $75 pays for materials and supplies


$50.00 pays for tuition                                        $5 - 25.00 sponsors a youth 


Need further information or have questions? We are more than happy to help you and answer any questions.  Contact Mary Miller, CEO at or

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