Scholarships for safe watercraft program

Partnerered with the Spirit of America Foundation, NBP offers a unique, safe and comprehensive water-based educational and recreational program for ages 10-15.

Thank you for considering a donation to the NBP/Spirit of America Foundation program, giving students the opportunity to learn safe water and boat skills. Your support will provide a lifetime ability that students will take away to use in many situations. Your generosity will also instill confidence and positive, lifelong ambitions, and foster the spirit of teamwork in youths.

Children mature by being entrusted with responsibility for themselves and their “shipmates." We provide unlimited future opportunities through the presentation of subject matter and hands-on learning.

This camp will teach youths ages 10-15 (average age is 12) safe sailing, paddling and powerboating, with the ability to confidently teach others. Children will be able earn their Florida boating license.  

To date, Spirit of America Programs have graduated more than 16,000 students and spends more than 54,000 hours on the water annually! As a proven beneficial program, we are excited about being able to provide this  for the youth of our community.

Recreational boating in Florida generates an annual economic impact of more than $23 billion, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Assn., which also says more than 6,000 businesses and more than 92,000 jobs are supported by boaters. There are more than 935,000 boats registered in the state. Not only are the children in the NBP/Spirit Of America camp learning lifelong skills, they’re helping contribute to a large sector of Florida’s growing economy.

The program includes classroom days, a water safety day, an on-water training and a parents' meeting. 

Thank you for your support.

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