Scholarships for safe watercraft program

Consider helping send a child to camp who may otherwise not be able to do so. More information is available at:

A fundraising campaign for Nathan Benderson Park Conservancy, Inc

Camps at NBP provide a safe and nurturing environment where participants will learn how to be safe around water sports while having fun and making friends!  The learning acquired during camp, will translate into an appreciation and confidence around all water activities and provide a lifelong enjoyment that can be shared with others.   

Summer Camp/Mini Camps: On academic holidays, NBP offers adventure days and educational workshops. Disciplines include archery, fishing and water sports. Water Adventure Camp: Each day, campers participate in different water sports, including kayaking, rowing, paddling, sailing, canoeing and more. Campers learn the basics of each discipline and, more importantly, boating safety. On-land instruction and safety requirements accompany all activities before campers get out on the water, so they obtain the knowledge and safety skills needed.

Freshwater Fishing & Archery Camp: Campers learn the essentials of safe fishing, learn rod and reel assembly, types of tackle, types of knots, casting, bait, fishing, and boating safety while they’re out on the water. Campers will also learn to use all the necessary equipment to become independent, educated and safe archers. All camp instructors hold at minimum a level-1 National Archery Instructor certification.

NBP/Spirit of America Foundation Premier Safe Boating Education Camp: NBP partners with Spirit of America Foundation to offer a unique, safe and comprehensive water based educational and recreational program for local youth. Participants can expect to become experts in paddle, powerboat and sailing in addition to learning national on-water safety standards and practices.

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