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We have be open since 2008 in the Roseland area servicing veteran and youth in the area. We have partnered with Lavizzo Elementary School to increase test scores in math and science. We also have a yearly backpack giveaway for over 100 students a year.

We have also partnered with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and veterans groups in the city to help our Service Men get the resources they need after their service to our country. Services included medical benefit information and home ownership.

We have also received contributions from Literacy Chicago to help furnish our classrooms for our literacy programs and on track to begin programs sponsored by Literacy Chicago. FedEx Office has also donated over 100 computer for tutoring programs and other programs.

We are a multi-purpose community center also service support for many other non-profits in the area which include women's shelters, men's shelters, CAPS programs and other programs for the betterment of the community. We have operated with minimal contributions and fundraising efforts. But  because of the roofing problems the building we own, we had to stop are programs. After the success of this fundraiser, we will operate with minimal contribution for decades to come.

All of our programs has experienced a major set back in the winter with a cave in with our roof. Donations will go toward repairing our building. Once this is done, this will carry us for decades to come.

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