Santas for SPS!

Dress up as Santa & parade down Rt. 47 in Yorkville all while raising money for an important mission of suicide prevention & awareness. All proceeds go to SPS!

A fundraising event for Suicide Prevention Services of America

Event Information

Saturday, December 10, 2022 from 9:00am - 11:30am

December 10, 2022:


We will gather in the Pinz Entertainment Yorkville Bowling parking lot at 9am. Here is where you will receive your very own Santa coat and hat with built -in beard. One size fits most. Sponsored by: Ryan Homes! 

Put your very own, new Santa suit on over your clothes and OFF WE GO! 

Our destination is Southbank Original Barbecue for cocoa and cookies. 


Jen's Limo Service will once again be with us! If you get too cold, hop in the complimentary limousine! 

We will "shuffle" along the sidewalks of Rt. 47 (South) to get hot cocoa and cookies, and then we will shuffle back to the Pinz Entertainment Yorkville Bowling parking lot.


**Cut off date for acquiring a Santa Costume will be December 5. You can still attend after this date, but you will not receive a Santa Costume.

Registration is $25.

All proceeds go to: 
Suicide Prevention Services. Prevention Services: 

Volunteer Event Photographer will be Tae Moon:

2 Days Away!

December 8, 2022

Thank you so much for joining us for Santas for SPS! 

Arrive at the bowling alley by 9am to receive your very own Santa Suit. Wear layers of warm clothing and put the suit over it all. Then off we go! 

Our first stop is Town Square to watch our YPAC Santa Dancers perform for us!

Next, we head to Southbank Original Barbecue to have cocoa and cookies. Served by the Lopez Family.

Then we head back to the bowling alley to complete the event. 

ALL OF YOUR DONATIONS AND PROCEEDS TO GO SUICIDE PREVENTION SERVICES of AMERICA. This important agency provides counseling, support groups, prevention training, intervention in the schools, national speaking engagements and awareness events (like this one.) Founded in 1998.


Thank you for participating!

November 26, 2022


We are just 14 days away from our SANTA WALK! I am so excited have you join us! 

The walk is easy and casual. We will have limos circling in case you get cold. 

The YPAC Santa Dancers will perform for us in Town Square. 

Cocoa and cookies will be waiting for you at Southbank Original Barbecue. THIS IS A FUN AND MEANINGFUL EVENT. Sure to put you in the holiday spirit! 

Questions? Email:

Can't wait to see you! 

Sincerely, Jennifer

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