Saint Joseph's Day 2022

All monies raised through this campaign will go towards 30% Computer Lab Renovations, 30% Tuition Assistance, 25% Campus Improvements and 15% Athletics.

A fundraising campaign for Saint Joseph Academy


For 156 years, Saint Joseph Academy has been providing the children in our community with a quality, Catholic, Marist education. The Bloodhound network extends far and wide to all corners of the globe and the collective impact that our graduates have had at the local, state, national, and global levels is beyond noteworthy.  


Year after year, generations of compassionate, loving, global thinkers graduate from Saint Joseph Academy and embrace their communities with amazing leadership skills and passion. SJA Seniors graduate with a strong moral formation and are accepted into top universities and this year they are headed to Harvard University, Yale University, University of Notre Dame, Indiana University, Ohio State University, Southwestern University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Texas at Austin, Texas A & M University, Pepperdine University and Loyola University just to name a few.


Saint Joseph Academy is built on tradition, family, service and community.  Bloodhounds have always been there for each other and through this fundraising campaign, we know they will come together again.  

Monies raised through this Saint Joseph Day campaign will support the SJA Fund that will help support our faculty and staff, upgrade our technology, improve our buildings and grounds but most importantly, it will help with tuition assistance for those that need a bit of help to complete their Saint Joseph Academy education.

Last year, all monies raised through the Saint Joseph's Day campaign went directly to assist those families affected by COVID - 19 with tuition assistance.  Our Bloodhound families are still in need of tuition assistance so a large majority of monies raised for the SJA Fund will go to assist these families once again.

These are indeed challenging and difficult times for us all and at Saint Joseph Academy we see the need more than ever before to help our own.

How Can You Help?

Donate TODAY!  Make your donation either to a fundraising team or to the general campaign. The goal? $75,000 raised by midnight on Saturday, March 19th - Saint Joseph's Day.  If we all work together, we can make a huge impact and raise sufficient funds in support of the SJA Fund with a special emphasis on tuition assistance for our fellow Bloodhounds. 

  • $25,000 for Computer Lab Renovations
  • $25,000 for Tuition Assistance
  • $15,000 for Campus Improvements
  • $10,000 for Athletics

Be part of something bigger this year. 

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