The Not Starving Artist Campaign!

A fundraising campaign for The Sable Project

To support Sable's new Health and Wellness Initiative

Any gift you make during the first week will be fully matched up to $2000. In other words your $50 becomes $100!

No starving artists at Sable...

We believe in abundant food, nourishing art, delicious dialogue, and tasty community.

Artists deserve the right tools and resources to ensure their safety, keep their health, and aid their growth so they can bring their full self to their work. Thank you for helping to make this possible at Sable.

With our first Summer Artists arriving on June 1st (!!), we are excited to announce the launch of Sable's Health and Wellness Initiative! And, we want to introduce our dancing leader along this journey, Sable 2016 Artist Roberta Guido, our new Director of Health and Wellness!

Integral to this initiative, your gift will help us continue to supply good-quality food to our guests and artists, while allowing us to deepen our investment in farms and farmers in our area. To supplement our own Fat Dragon Farm's produce, we are aiming to spend 75% of our food budget with local farmers and vendors that we know and trust, putting money back into this community that we love.

The Health and Wellness initiative also focuses on the safety of Sable's Artists by professionalizing our first aid capabilities.This includes updating our first aid kit, providing wilderness first aid and holistic training for our team members, and acquiring items of importance, such as an AED.

This year, the Kitchen - our central hub and the heart of Sable - is getting an exciting expansion in the form of a new stove and off-grid refrigeration. With your help, our food can stay fresher longer (because you're so cool) and turn into even more delicious meals when those local nutrients meet the flame.

We invite you to join us in our Health and Wellness Initiative! You make all of this possible by giving to The Not Starving Artist Campaign. Every dollar lets our artists be a little more delectable, our local community more nutritious, and the Arts in Central Vermont even more filling.

Ps. Not comfortable giving online?  Here's our address: 588 North Taggart Hill Road, Stockbridge, VT 05772. Please address checks to Sable Arts Projects. THANK YOU!

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About the Organization

Sable Arts Projects, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization dedicated to fostering environmental stewardship, healthy food, and a forum for the practice, development, creation, and sharing of arts in rural Vermont and beyond.

The Sable Project is an off-grid artist residency program, and brings emerging artists of different backgrounds together to live and work on the land to create food and art. We build from a foundation of collaboration, physical work, and explore ways of living simply, productively and creatively on a daily basis. We share our work with surrounding communities every other Friday during the residency season through our Food and Art Series, and our Water in the Wood End-of-Summer Showcase. We aim to inspire by creating inquisitive art and educational experiences for both resident artists and visitors.