Running for Twinfield Together Mentoring

New Tt Mentor Nick Wood will run 100 miles of the Long Trail in 24 hours to show support of youth in his community!

A fundraising campaign for Twinfield Together Mentoring Program

My Name is Nick Wood. I am a new mentor with Twinfield Together Mentoring Program, and I have a passion for helping and guiding youth in this chaotic world. As a young male I had many older individuals who helped me to learn and ask questions about the world. Now I want to give that back to youth in my community. I have coached elementary and middle school wrestling and it brought me great joy to see them succeed. Now with a new chapter in my life I have been given a chance to give back even more. 

We are raising money for the mentorship program through a 100 miles run in 24 hours. I have always been an athlete, involved in wrestling, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and hiking. I completed my first 50K ultra race two years ago, and this year we are stepping it up to 100 miles! The overall goal is to raise $3,500 and more importantly to show our youth that there are no limitations on goals we set. 

My goal has three parts:
  1. On July 26th I will do the Pemi-Loop 50K run in the New Hampshire Whites. My goal is 8 hours.
  2. On August 29th I will run 52 miles of the Appalachian Trail. My goal is 12 hours.
  3. On October 3rd I plan to run 100 miles of The Long Trail- from the Massachusetts border to the Long Trail Inn in KIllington. My goal is 24 hours. 

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