ReTribe Winter Retreat Scholarship Fund

A fundraising campaign for ReTribe

Support teens in need of a scholarship to attend our 2nd New Year's Eve Winter Retreat!

Winter Retreat

Last winter's New Year's Teen Retreat was such a success that we are doing it again this year. The New Year's retreat is a time for us to gather, reflect, heal what needs to be healed, and set intentions for the new year. We will use practices such as Shamanic Journey, Trance Dance, and Breathwork to go inward, and then we will hold a Cacao Ceremony and celebrate with a dance party on New Year's Eve!

Setting intentions at the closing cerememony

Every morning begins with noble silence and a 45-minute meditation

Your Impact

By donating to the Winter Retreat Scholarship Fund, you are giving the gift of this experience to a teen whose family doesn't have the means to send them to the retreat otherwise. We have seen such powerful transformations of young people at our retreats, and we are committed to making this opportunity available to all teens, regardless of their ability to pay full tuition. Your donations make this possible. Thank you!

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About the Organization

ReTribe was created as a response to the imbalances we see in the world in an attempt to foster a healthy culture that can help humanity move through this challenging time. ReTribe provides a wide range of programs that all help to guide youth and adults through the many transformations of life. Whether it be the small changes of childhood as our day campers learn to build fires, carve wood, and explore their imaginations in the woods, or the profound changes that the teens face on our Rites of Passage retreats as they find themselves, explore deep emotions, and experience the intensity of the Threshold experience - participants will come away from all our programs having grown and transformed, bringing them one step closer to the person that they hope to become.

ReTribe, L3C is fiscally sponsored by Strong Youth Corporation, 501 (c) 3. Your donation is actually made to Strong Youth, who then passes it along to ReTribe.