ReTribe Scholarship Fund

Keep our programs accessible to a variety of families, regardless of their ability to afford tuition. We can't accomplish this without you!

A fundraising campaign for ReTribe

Most spiritual life calls for times of sudden radical transformation brought about by powerful initiation and rites of passage. For modern young men and women this is a desperate need. If nothing is offered in the way of initiation to prove one’s entry into the world of men and women, it will be done unguided in the road or the street with cars at high speed, with drugs, with weapons. 
- Jack Kornfield, Ph.D., Psychologist and Buddhist teacher

What We Do

ReTribe offers educational, therapeutic, and transformative programs for kids, teens, and adults. Last year we gave over $15,000 in scholarships across our programs. Your donations are what allow us to provide scholarships, thus benefiting a wider range of individuals and strengthening communities. For more information on any of these programs you can click on the program titles.

The Forest School

  • A one day per week outdoor school program for kids ages 6 and up
  • Teaches wilderness and survival skills, animal tracking, earth songs, community building, and much more

Wilderness Adventure Youth Camps

          • Outdoor summer camps that teach a variety of things including wilderness skills, community values, and group songs. These camps also have a fun adventure game that involves magic, foam swords, and costumes
          • Ages 4-12
          • Incorporates a teen mentor apprentice program

          Rite of Passage Teen Retreats

          • Inner Journey

          A 12-day transformative teen retreat that uses a variety of alternative processes such as meditation, breathwork therapy, shamanic journey, trust excercises, trance dance, and ceremonies, to break through barriers, build community, and create a safe space where deep emotions are able to be processed so that healing can occur.

          • Adventure Game Theater

          An 8-day teen retreat that incorporates many of the healing processes in the Inner Journey retreat, but also has an epic live action role play adventure game that is not only fun, but demonstrates our ability to put on or take off "masks" in everyday life and choose how we want to be in this world.  

          • New Year's Retreat

          Due to requests from teens for more ReTribe programs throughout the year, we had our first winter retreat. We are looking forward to our 2nd one beginning on December 27th! (Thank you to our #GivingTuesday donors. That fundraiser is specifically to raise scholarship funds for that retreat.) 

          Shift Happens - Healing Adult Retreat

          • An adult retreat that offers a variety of powerful healing modalities similar to the teen retreats
          • April 26 - 29 2017, in Starksboro, VT

          Your Donation Matters!

          The scholarship fund allows us to reach some of the most vulnerable people, who have profound, long-lasting benefits from attending our programs. We believe that it is our responsibility to make sure that we are doing everything we can to not turn anyone away due to their financial status.

          • Last year, over $15,000 in scholarships were awarded to people who qualified for financial aid. Nearly half of that was given to teens at our Rite of Passage retreats.
          • 40% of the teens at our retreats attended on full or partial scholarships.
          • Over a dozen children at our Forest School and summer camp programs received scholarships last year.
          • The scholarship fund allows us to extend our outreach efforts to low-income families and at-risk youth. 
          • Last year, we held our first adult retreat in Vermont and will be doing so again this April. Financial aid will also be available for that retreat.

          Here is just a glimpse at some of the moving feedback we have gotten from participants

          • The meditation we did helped me to feel more in control of my mind
          • Small group helped me open myself up to the world
          • I felt appreciated for the first time in awhile by the whole community
          • I learned to accept myself
          • There is nothing like a cuddle pile at ReTribe

          Please contact Emily at emilyjeant@gmail.com with any questions or if you would like to donate by PayPal, cash, or check. Thank you!

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          About the Organization

          ReTribe was created as a response to the imbalances we see in the world in an attempt to foster a healthy culture that can help humanity move through this challenging time. ReTribe provides a wide range of programs that all help to guide youth and adults through the many transformations of life. Whether it be the small changes of childhood as our day campers learn to build fires, carve wood, and explore their imaginations in the woods, or the profound changes that the teens face on our Rites of Passage retreats as they find themselves, explore deep emotions, and experience the intensity of the Threshold experience - participants will come away from all our programs having grown and transformed, bringing them one step closer to the person that they hope to become.