Respite for Foster-Adopt & International Families

Respite care impacts the success of adoption placements with Foster-Adopt and International families.

A fundraising campaign for A New Beginning Adoption Agency

A New Beginning Adoption Agency is raising funds for its Respite Care pilot program for foster-adopt and international families.

A New Beginning provides adoption services and crisis pregnancy services to residents of Idaho and Oregon and work with health and welfare across the nation to help place waiting children/sibling groups from foster-care.

A New Beginning Adoption Agency, established in 2004, provides infant, foster-adopt, international and private adoption services, crisis pregnancy services to girls who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and post adoption services through our wellness center for adoptive parents, adoptees and birth families.    

In 2016, A New Beginning targeted its search to finding homes for the hardest to place children; children 9 years of age and older and sibling groups from our nation's foster care system.  These incredibly resilient children have each experienced tremendous grief & loss, trauma, neglect and some type of abuse.  Our program has been successful, with dozens of families preparing for the placement of their waiting children.

As these beautiful families unite, its important to prepare these families for a potentially rocky transition.  One of the key components is establishing a Respite Program.  The Respite Program is designed so the adoptive parents can have a short break from the day to day challenges of the new family and rigourous needs of the children.  Research supports that the mental-well being and self-care for the parents are essential to successful parenting.

A New Beginning prepares every foster-adopt family to be a fully licensed foster-family which means they are almost prepared to provide respite to the adoptive families.  With an additional training component, A New Beginning can grow its respite care provider availability and be ready to assist families who have adopted from foster-care and internationally in crisis situations and/or planned weekends.    The experience of being a respite provider also helps prepare those families waiting for their children to come home. 

The $5,000 we raise will pay for the respite provider training, materials and supplies for the training, outreach to foster-adopt and international families who could benefit from the respite program,  sponsor a families respite care for one or more days while in crisis or a planned weekend.  This program will drastically impact the success of the family transitions, mental well-being of the children and families and help better prepare waiting adoptive families.

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About the Organization

A New Beginning Adoption Agency

A New Beginning is dedicated to building families through adoption providing domestic infant, foster- adoption and international adoption services to families and FREE and confidential birth parent (unplanned pregnancy) services in Idaho and eastern Oregon. To ensure the healthiest and most successful adoptions, A New Beginning provides essential training, education, support groups, and post-placement support through professional counseling services.

Established in 2004, A New Beginning is a non-profit, full service agency offering the full spectrum of pre, during and post adoption services for Idaho and Oregon residents.