Renacimiento En Fortaleza Award

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The Purpose of the Association of Latino Faculty & Staff – Renacimiento in Fortaleza Award (Reborn in strength)


Renacimiento en Fortaleza is translated into Rebirth in strength; in many ways, our day-to-day lives have caused a rebirth while navigating our new normal during the pandemic. This pandemic has forced difficult conversations for people of all walks of life to talk about their mental health and what is affecting them. The definition of this award is so deeply personal and profound for me. I was inspired to create this award based on my battle with my mental health while suffering from depression and anxiety, which also led me to work on my career towards becoming a therapist.


 It was important to me to be able to recognize other students who have been soldiers alongside me. I wanted to honor an individual who has battled and acknowledged their struggles with their mental health but also has experienced a rebirth; with the realization that there is strength in being true to who you are, to what you feel, to honor your beliefs, and seek help when necessary. There is strength in honoring the multitude of parts that make us human. I wanted to make sure that this award was open to everyone regardless of ethnicity, no matter what you identify as, and it didn’t matter if you didn’t have the perfect grades.

Students interested in applying or the Scholarship will need to meet the criteria below:

·                   Minimum GPA of 2.5;

·                   Must show evidence of academic improvement of a year;

·                   Must provide one letter of recommendation from a BCC faculty or staff;

·                   Must have a demonstrated financial need;

·                   Must write an essay with a minimum of 500 words about his/her, experience of issues with mental health that affected academic and life in general; how they were able to persevere and thrive;

·                   LGBTQ+ students are encouraged and welcome to apply

·                   Transfer students are welcome to apply.


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