Read, Color, Write!

A school in Port Au Prince needs a printer so every student can have learning materials to use.

A fundraising campaign for The Live Greater Foundation

Let's help kids in Port Au Prince learn to read and write! 

For the last two years, the Live Greater Foundation has sent school supplies to the 750 children of Ecole Education Rentable Notre Dame de Fatima in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Last year, Brother Guiva, the school's principal, told us "This is the first year every child will have school supplies of their own!" Having their own supplies makes an exponential difference in learning! Because Haiti is a nation with such low literacy rates, and because literacy is key to escaping poverty, helping students learn is key to helping them reach their full potential! 

But there is one thing the school in Haiti has asked us for both years that we've been unable to provide. For the last two years, the school master has requested a printer, so that teachers can duplicate dittos, worksheets, and books. Presently, there are no copiers in the school, and students can take home only what they copy by hand in class. This is extremely limiting for young learners especially, who benefit from repetition and visual reminders. Can you imagine a day at school with no worksheets? 

We're sending the printer! With your help! 

We've decided to band together to send the Ecole Education Rentable Notre Dame de Fatima school the copier and a year's worth of ink and paper. We've found a copier that can handle the school's needs, one that is known for being durable. With your help, when Haiti schools open up in October, the new year will mean better learning outcomes, increased literacy, better parent-student engagement, and more diverse learning activities in each classroom. Every single gift makes a difference! 

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