Randolph Returns!

Students and teachers returned to their beloved campus this fall

A fundraising campaign for The Randolph School

We are Returning to Campus

Students and teachers will be seeing each other face-to-face again

We all want to go back to where we feel comfortable and safe. Today, with our world turned upside down, this is more important than ever. Social and emotional well being has always at the forefront of The Randolph School’s curriculum and will continue to be. Now, in the midst of a pandemic, we have to focus even more on our community’s health.

Medical experts report that groups outside are safer than indoors. To provide this type of in-person instruction, we have invested in new outdoor spaces including 7 permanent wooden lean-tos and a newly renovated amphitheater. The outdoor classroom will be the students' home-- all day, every day. Small cohorts of students will learn in their own lean-to and also throughout the 5-acre campus, taking advantage of the woods, field, playgrounds, amphitheater, and creek.

We know that students who participate in this type of outdoor education build communication skills, learn more through experiential learning, make better team members, have improved behavior, benefit from active learning, and gain increased self-reliance.

Our cutting-edge progressive education model requires additional curricular materials so students do not need to share and extra cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment to maintain cleanliness and safety protocols.

The Randolph Returns campaign funds our COVID-19 response and compensates for income lost when summer programs were cancelled. Summer camps not only introduce families to Randolph, but also provide 20% our operating budget.

Support our innovative and science-based approach. Give to the Randolph Returns campaign and keep our students and teachers learning together, face-to-face, on their familiar campus.



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