We need your help now more than ever

A fundraising campaign for Racker

We need your help now more than ever.

The fear and anxiety over the coronavirus has turned all of our lives upside down. Here at Racker we remain keenly focused on the people and the families we serve, and the staff that provides those services. Racker serves the most vulnerable in our community. I am hearing from our families every day that they are struggling to maintain resources or any semblance of stability for their loved ones. Most of the programs and services that Racker provided to help them have been disrupted. All of us at Racker are working hard to figure out this new landscape of shifting services to virtual platforms so we can continue to help people with disabilities and their families.

Many Racker families have children at home with challenging behaviors and high needs, and staff has had to become innovative and creative. Some services are being delivered in alternative ways, some online, and some have just been put on hold. Our mental health professionals continue to work with students through a virtual platform. In our residential program, direct support professionals and the nurses continue to serve the people that live in our houses, practicing proper safe-guards, always looking for ways to put safety first. As the residential staff were concerned about the added exposure grocery shopping can bring, they developed a system for our 26 houses that centralized shopping and distribution. Our therapists and teachers have been creative too, posting videos for families with suggestions and guidance on educational and physical activities to help their children while at home. And our community support professionals continue to personally serve over 100 families that have challenging situations and need our help. I am so proud of all our staff – they have risen to the challenge to be there as best they can for the people we serve.

We are working hard to get through this difficult time, but our funding is taking a major hit and our expenses are increasing as we acquire remote technology and personal protective equipment in response to COVID-19. When we can’t provide a service, we can’t collect the fees that paid staff and kept the agency running soundly. And shifting to online services presents opportunities but new costs. We need your help more than ever.

Please, make a gift to Racker.

All of us at Racker are so grateful for the help and support our community has shown us. If you can help, please know that every gift – no matter the size – truly will make a difference.

We send our best to you and your family. Together we will get through these challenging times.

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