Race to the Top of Vermont 2019

Help Vermont children LOVE to read and have a better chance at a good life when they grow up.

A fundraising campaign for Everybody Wins! Vermont

Everybody Wins! Vermont is on a mission: to find a reading mentor for every Vermont child who wants one. In 2018-19, over 600 children read one-on-one every week with mentors at 23 school sites, including new reading programs in Winooski and Northfield. Schools teach children how to read; Everybody Wins! mentors help children love to read.

Children who like to read, read more. In our annual survey this year, one teacher said, "One of my students who struggles with reading loves Everybody Wins! because her mentor reads books to her. She loves being read to, and she gets to choose the books." Children who read more, read better, and do better in school and life. When children enjoy reading and feel connected to caring adults, their chances of a good life increase. The proof is in the children; as a parent told us this year, "My daughter carries her books around now and is very proud of her reading skills!"

Every August, teams of Everybody Wins! board members, staff, mentors, families, and friends join the Catamount Trail Association's Race to the Top of Vermont.  We run, hike, or mountain bike up the toll road on Vermont's highest mountain to support children and reading in our own communities, and around the state. Won't you help us keep them reading?

The Mount Mansfield toll road gains 2564 feet of elevation in 4.3 miles. It's not an easy climb, whether you're racing for a personal best, or hiking to reach the summit. Everybody Wins! Vermont supporters climb the mountain to challenge ourselves, and to bring the day closer when every Vermont child who wants a reading mentor has one. Please help us climb the mountain and make a brighter future for Vermont children!

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