Race to the Top of Vermont 2018

A fundraising campaign for Everybody Wins! Vermont

Helping children love books and reading, all the way to the top!


On Thursday, August 23rd, The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation generously pledged a one-to-one match of up to $15,000 for funds raised for the 5 Upper Valley programs: Chelsea, Claremont, Tunbridge, Westshire (West Fairlee/Vershire) and White River.

All funds raised to support these five sites will be doubled by the generosity of the Byrne Foundation. We have until Friday August 31 to reach the match, and as of Race day we are only about $4000 away from helping more children read in the Upper Valley in 2018-19.

THANK YOU to The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation!

And thank you to all of you generous donors who are supporting children and reading in the Upper Valley, and throughout the state of Vermont.

Everybody Wins! Vermont is on a mission: to find a reading mentor for every Vermont child who wants one. In 2017-18, over 570 children read with mentors at our 21 school sites. In 2018, we will open new reading programs in Winooski at JFK Elementary School and in Northfield at Northfield Elementary School. We'll also add a reading day in Burlington at J.J. Flynn Elementary School. In these three schools, at least 30 more children will read with mentors this year.

Children who like to read, read more. In our annual survey this year, one teacher said, "Every year kids convince new students to join, and they are never disappointed." Children who read more, read better, and do better in school and life. When children enjoy reading and feel connected to caring adults, their chances of a good life increase. Schools teach children how to read; Everybody Wins! mentors help children love to read. The proof is in the children; as a parent told us this year, "My son has wanted to read more. I found him on the couch reading before school at 6 am!"

Every August, a team of supporters joins the Catamount Trail Association's Race to the Top of Vermont.  We run, hike, or mountain bike up the toll road on Vermont's highest mountain to support children and reading around the state. Won't you help us keep them reading?

The Mount Mansfield toll road gains 2564 feel of elevation in 4.3 miles. It's not an easy climb, whether you're racing for a personal best, or hiking to reach the summit. Everybody Wins! Vermont supporters climb the mountain to challenge ourselves, and to bring the day closer when every Vermont child who wants a reading mentor has one. Come along for the climb!

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About the Organization

Everybody Wins! Vermont

Everybody Wins! Vermont Is a reading mentoring program.

In 22 schools in Vermont and 1 in New Hampshire, adult volunteers read for an hour over lunch each week with a student at their local elementary school. Our Power Lunch program sets children up to love reading and succeed in life. It supports local schools and communities by connecting community members to their schools.