#KDF2020 Mini-marathon for Seven Counties Services

Philanthropy on the Run! Training and Running for Recovery with Seven Counties Services

A fundraising campaign for Seven Counties Services

Seven Counties Services: We help with mental health, addiction and counseling needs. Whether someone is going through a tough time in life or facing a challenge like depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship problems, abuse, trauma, we offer a full range of services to help them heal, recover and live their best life. We even offer Military Services, Residential Services for youth and Therapeutic Foster Care. Whatever type of care someone might need, we’ll help – with complete privacy and without judgment. 

The Runners and Walkers participating in this year's 13.1-mile run have months of training ahead of them.  Every mile on race day and every mile of training is for the children, individuals, families, and veterans we serve.  We're running for awareness and philanthropic dollars that will directly impact the clients we serve.

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About the Organization

Seven Counties Services

Seven Counties Services is a not-for-profit health care organization dedicated to delivering care that changes people’s lives. We provide mental health and substance abuse treatment, and offer individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities life skills development, employment and housing services. Our research institute improves behavioral healthcare through research and technology, and our foundation secures philanthropic resources to support our work. For more information, visit www.sevencounties.org.

In Nov. 2017, Bellewood & Brooklawn announced its intent to merge with Seven Counties Services. While the legal aspects continue to be worked on, we continue to work together to create meaningful solutions for children and families in Kentucky while preserving the faith heritage of Brooklawn & Bellewood. Our goal is to wrap our arms around the children and families in our community who need us the most. For more information about Bellewood & Brooklawn, visit www.bellewoodandbrooklawn.org.