R2P's 2019 Annual Fund

Please help us cover the costs of running a not-for-profit business while keeping the doors FREE and wide open to every young person in our community!

A fundraising campaign for Running to Places Theatre Company

Running to Places (R2P) is a youth development organization that provides equitable opportunities in theatre for all interested middle and high school students from Tompkins County and beyond. R2P uses theatre as both the means and the end to teach essential life skills working under pressure with a deadline, improvising when the unexpected happens, taking and assimilating direction quickly and gracefully, etc  that benefit the students and our broader community. Thanks to support from people like you, participation in R2P is FREE. Please join us by making a gift today.


This campaign is about dreaming big – just like the kids we serve do.

Running to Places is in the midst of huge transition  we are preparing to stop running and start a new chapter in our permanent home. While we continue to work on getting home (more on that soon!), we are launching our 2019-2020 Annual Fund Campaign!

Did you know that ticket sales don't cover the costs of the productions? While we get support from wonderful local business sponsors, we rely on YOUR DONATIONS to fund a full season of shows and the many costs associated with running a not-for-profit business  all while keeping participation 100% FREE for all!

From now through September 30, 2019, we are hoping to raise $20K for R2P! With your generosity, we know we can reach our goal. THANK YOU!


     We Empower Youth

Running to Places (R2P) is in the business of youth development, helping raise our community's children and making excellent theatre in the process. We teach them life skills with theatre as both the means and the end. We provide a supportive environment for young people to grow as artists and citizens of the world. By treating youth with respect and nurturing them as artists, members of a community, and the future leaders of our society, we set the stage for them to become the best versions of themselves – for life!

"R2P has been my lifeline for high school. I've made friends through it who I know I will keep beyond R2P. It creates an environment where I feel safe and loved in a world where that always isn't the case. R2P has encouraged me to be myself and to learn to love myself, and I am forever thankful." – Maddi, R2P Alumna

 We Tear Down Barriers   
Thanks to support from our community, participation in R2P is FREE. We have eliminated barriers to entry to keep our doors open to any interested young person, providing equitable opportunities for all. Everyone who auditions is offered a place in a show – no one is ever "cut" or excluded. Our welcoming community connects teens and familiar from across Tompkins County and beyond. They forge lasting friendships with people they otherwise would never have met. 

"R2P has shaped me in more ways than I can express. Because of the community I had in R2P I never felt that I had to hide who I was to be "cool" in middle or high school, so instead I had those 7 years to work on becoming the best version of myself possible. I am confident in who I am as a person. I have learned how to work hard and take notes, something that employers and professors respect. I learned how to make big and bold choices. I learned how to succeed and, more importantly, how to fail. And I found some of the best friends and mentors I could have ever asked for." – Ilana, R2P Alumna

   We Create Theatre 

R2P brings together middle and high school students from across the area. Our company rehearses and performs a complete season of fully-staged productions, reaching an audience of more than 5,000 annually. By working with experienced mentors, company members learn best practices in a wide range of disciplines within the theatrical arts – from singing, acting, and dancing to lighting, sound, set design, costuming, choreography, and stage management.  

"Running to Places provided a warm, nurturing, and supportive environment at just the perfect time in my daughter's development. R2P gave her a life beyond the petty antics and peer pressures of middle and high school. Not only did she develop strong bonds with her R2P peers, but R2P provided strong multi-generational bonds, with younger students, college students, and adult professionals. And the confidence and public presentation skills she developed will be invaluable in whatever her future brings. " – Paula, Parent of R2P Company Member 

* All images by George Cannon Images 

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