Putting our Faith into Action

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God calls us to feed the hungry. This Spring season, with Easter and Pentecost, is a time for us to remember our commitment to His call.

Let's Recommit to Those Living in Poverty

Despite winter's last surprise snowfalls, this Spring is now fully upon us! This year, as our country experiences major political strife and the continuance of the COVID-19 pandemic, the hope of Springtime is so vital. For those of us who share in the Christian faith, this season also holds so many important reminders, as we celebrate Easter and the Pentecost. As members of the Live Greater family, you know that this effort to serve those who are poor was founded while reflecting as a family over Easter weekend. We believe in Resurrection—so much that we were founded on it!


The next important piece of that story is the story of Pentecost. As we reflect on this day, we invite you to open your heart, as the Apostles did when they were filled with the Holy Spirit. This baptism of spirit took place so that the Apostles could go forth and gather God’s fellowship of believers, His Church.


“They devoted themselves to the Apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer” - Acts 2:42

The Apostles taught the fellowship to care for one another, to spread the Good News, and to feed the hungry, just as Christ did. We hope you can join us in living that part of the story of Jesus and His Church. Recently, the COVID-19 crisis has increased poverty and food insecurity across the country, leaving many families without income or the opportunity to work, struggling to make ends meet. While the pandemic may feel has though its coming to a close, the economic effects faced by America’s most vulnerable families continue to be devastating.


The Live Greater Foundation is committed to carrying out Jesus’ work as the Apostles did, in the modern-day. Our Caring Neighbors Program has been supporting the needs of low-income, at-risk and elderly people living in Harlem, NYC. Would you join us in ensuring that this community and those most affected by the pandemic can continue to be served?


A gift to the Caring Neighbors Program at The Live Greater Foundation is not only a gift to your neighbor, it is the work that Jesus and his Apostles invite us to. Your donation will be used to keep the pantry of St. Joseph’s Friary filled with fresh food staples for the community. Your generosity will impact families in Harlem, struggling to put food on the table during this extended period of economic hardship.


Christ reminds us that when we offer food or drink to the poor, we are actually serving Jesus Himself. Join us this Pentecost in caring for those in need with the same kindness we would welcome our Savior to our table.

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About the Organization

The Live Greater Foundation exists to encourage people to live lives of inspired service, caring for those in need within their family, community, and world. To do this, we connect people with needs in their neighborhood and around the world! Live Greater Medical supports medical missions trips and international clinics, through support recruiting, marketing, and raising awareness. The Love Greater Project meets practical needs of at-risk communities, by partnering agencies meeting needs with organizations who believe service and are looking for a place to plugin! We can help your team fundraise and support causes that matter to you!