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Global Stories, Local Impact: Journalism and Education on the Issues that Matter

A fundraising campaign for Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
Our goal: Raise $50,000 by December 31st to raise awareness of under-reported global issues through support for quality international journalism—and provide specific opportunities for students to learn about what’s happening in the world and how these issues apply to their lives.    

The Pulitzer Center is the leading source of support for international enterprise reporting—and the only journalism organization incorporating this reporting into comprehensive educational programs. We are a unique nonprofit journalism organization effectively combining great journalism + media literacy + a national global education strategy.    

The Pulitzer Center is participating in the 2017 News Match Challenge which will double all gifts from individuals (up to $1,000) through the end of the year. Make this the year you support global journalism and education! Every gift increases our ability to support great journalism and deliver compelling global education to students across the country.

Specific ways your gift helps to increase quality journalism and prepare students for a global, connected world:
  • $100 supports an interactive videoconference that links a journalist and their global reporting with a secondary or middle school classroom  
  • $250 provides one lesson plan for our Lesson Builder, an online curriculum-sharing resource based on Pulitzer journalism and freely available to educators worldwide  
  • $500 sends a journalist to a secondary or middle school for the day for in-depth discussions of a global issue 
  • $750 sends a Pulitzer Center journalist to a college campus to share reporting, engage students in international issues, and develop journalism and multimedia skills 
  • $3,000 sponsors an international reporting fellowship for a college student at a partner university 
  • $10,000 sends a journalist into the field to report an under-reported international story  

Our global journalism and education strategy: 

International reporting on issues that matter: The Pulitzer Center supports over 150 professional reporting projects each year, providing nearly $2 million in direct support of journalists and placing the work in top-tier outlets in the U.S. and abroad. We aim for the widest reach possible for the reporting we support.  

Global education that brings visiting journalists and their reporting to K-12 classrooms:  The Pulitzer Center brings pressing international issues, and the journalists who cover them, into secondary and middle school classrooms. Through our in-school programming and online curricular resources, students and teachers access Pulitzer Center reporting projects from hundreds of professional journalists for powerful educational experiences. Our programs encourage students to think critically about the creation and dissemination of news, become better writers, develop their analytical and multimedia skills—and become better informed consumers of news. Watch “The World in Your Classroom" for an inside look at our K-12 programs: http://pulitzercenter.org/pulitzer-center-k-12-education-programs.

Global education at a Pulitzer Center partner university or community college: The Pulitzer Center’s Campus Consortium now partners with 37 colleges and universities from across the country. Journalists present campus-wide lectures and lead workshops with small groups of students—igniting curiosity and increasing global awareness. Hear from Pulitzer Center grantee and photographer Sean Gallagher during a visit to the University of Iowa, a campus partner: https://youtu.be/O9oxr_EW88w.  

International reporting fellowships for college students: In 2017, 37 students traveled to 27 countries to report on human rights, public health, climate change, refugees, and marginalized communities—producing video and publishing stories and photo essays. These international reporting fellowships change lives:  See our student fellows at work at this year’s Washington Weekend gathering:

Learn more at www.pulitzercenter.org.    

Any gift, large or small, helps support the Pulitzer Center’s global reporting and education.

Cover photo: Kukumoni Munda, a resident of Koyra number 6, a coastal hamlet bordering the Sundarbans in southwestern    Bangladesh, walks more than half a mile each day to fetch saline drinking water from a pond. "Fresh water costs 10 taka a day.     I cannot afford it," she says. Image by Nikita Sampath. Bangladesh, 2016.

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Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

The connection between local and global issues–the Pulitzer Center's long standing mantra–has, sadly, never been more evident. We are uniquely positioned to serve the journalists, news media organizations, schools and universities we partner with by continuing to advance our core mission: enabling great journalism and education about underreported and systemic issues that resonate now–and continue to have relevance in times ahead. We believe that this is a moment for decisive action. Learn more about the steps we are taking.

The Pulitzer Center's mission has always been to help inform and engage American audiences on the most critical issues of our time, advancing scientific, cultural, religious, environmental, political and social understanding—across borders, and within local communities.

We must promote understanding of the vital role of journalism in sustaining our democracy—and we need to deepen our techniques for increasing the credibility of journalism with the public. And for the freelance journalists who carry an increasing burden of global reporting, we work to...

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