Public Interest Grants

Catalyze a Public Interest Career.

A fundraising campaign for CUNY School of Law

In 2021, the CUNY Law Foundation provided over $440,000 to over 85 students to advance their professional experience through intern positions and legal projects. In 2022, each grant award will be $5,000 and will provide students with a living wage during an eight-week internship.

The program fulfills a dual purpose.

Students will explore career pathways, developing professional networks that open job opportunities. Passions and dreams are fortified. The reasons for attending law school are reinforced. For first-generation and BIPOC law students, the importance of a public interest internship is immeasurable.

Students fill an acute need for public service lawyers. This is especially true across New York City and State. Everyday, people who cannot afford to hire a lawyer appear in court without legal representation – even when the law obligates the State to provide them with a lawyer. These individuals face criminal charges, deportation, suspension of parental rights, eviction, and foreclosure – matters that have a direct dire effect upon the stability of families and communities.

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About the Organization

Students come to study at CUNY School of Law, the premier public interest law school, because they want to change the world. The money we raise enhances student learning and fulfills the school’s mission of graduating outstanding public interest attorneys and enhancing the diversity of the legal profession.