Books to brighten the holiday season

A fundraising campaign for Big House Books

Help Big House Books send reading materials to Mississippi's prisoners

Big House Books was founded in January 2015 and has been sending reading materials to Mississippi's prisoners since December 2015. 

We fill requests sent to us from prisoners by mail- we currently receive more than 50 requests each month and are nearly keeping up, thanks to our volunteers and donors. 

This Giving Tuesday, we hope to raise $500- enough to send about 125 packages of books to prisoners- each package containing 3 books. Most of our recipients share their books with others or donate them to the prison library when they are through reading them. Around the holidays when those of us on the outside are spending time with family and friends, our incarcerated brothers and sisters will still be behind bars. We hope to deliver them some holiday cheer and hope by providing them with books.

If you are interested in volunteering, we hope you'll join us by signing up for a book packing party here. We meet each Tuesday (including today) from 5-7. 

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