Preservation Champions

Preserving Ithaca's Architectural History, thanks to Your Monthly Commitment: Join Preservation Champions Today!

A fundraising campaign for Historic Ithaca

Our Preservation Champions campaign is an extension of our deep commitment to this mission. It's a call to action, an invitation to be part of something extraordinary. We invite you to join this exceptional community of individuals who understand the profound importance of preserving our heritage.

Recurring donations help support our programs year round. However, we welcome one-time gifts and appreciate your support of our mission. Select "Make a Donation" button at the top of this page to start your gift to our organization. 

Here is a little more about our recurring tiered giving program:

Salvage Guild: $5/month 
  • Gets 15% off in-store purchases
Education Guild: $15/mth 
  • Attend all of HI's guided tours for free - registration still required
Preservation Guild: $50/mth
  • Receives the perks of lower guilds. They will also receive exclusive content related to our Work Preserve Job Training Program, Preservation, and first chance class registration. 

NOTE: You must check the box next to "Make this a recurring gift." to recieve the perks of each tier. It is optional but appreciated to check the box "I'll cover the fees to save the organization from having to pay them."


Please email Bethany Parisi, Marketing & Development Coordinator, at [email protected] 

Here is a little of what we do with your Donations: 

  • The Heart of Tompkins County: Historic Ithaca's efforts are not confined to bricks and mortar; they touch the heart of our city and towns. We believe that historic buildings are not just structures but vessels of memory, containing stories that reflect the soul of our community.

  • Legacy of Preservation: Historic Ithaca engages with the community in speaking out about preservation and built environment issues, from promoting the cultural, economic, and sustainability benefits of historic preservation to opposing projects and actions that threaten historic buildings. Over the years, we've been successful in saving countless architectural gems from the brink of decay, from the majesty of old Victorian homes to the humble charm of local storefronts. Each saved structure becomes a testament to our shared history. While our primary focus is on Ithaca and Tompkins County, we also support and work with our preservation colleagues outside this area by advocating for preservation issues within New York state and across the nation.

  • Educational Impact: Historic Ithaca's "Work Preserve" program offer invaluable learning opportunities for marginalized communities. Building confidence and transferable green job skills through hands-on work. Personalized, one-on-one & small group training with the goal of introducing participants to the trades. 

  • Economic Vitality: Historic preservation has a tangible economic impact on our city. Revitalizing historic properties enhances property values, stimulates local businesses, and attracts tourism. Tourists and locals alike attend events throughout the year including walking and driving tours, lectures, hands-on workshops, our annual That Old House Tour, and our annual Ithaca City Cemetery Tours.

  • Monthly Donations, Timeless Impact: By becoming a monthly donor, you ensure that we have a consistent source of support to tackle ongoing projects and respond swiftly to advocacy emergencies. Your small monthly contribution, combined with others, can make an enormous impact.

  • Becoming a Champion: As a Preservation Champion, you'll support our mission and be part of a close-knit community passionate about preserving Ithaca's heritage, educating our workforce, and promoting sustainable building practices.

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