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"We are lucky to live in a community such as Missoula that supports their students and teachers." - Rhonda Krause, 2nd Grade Teacher, Hawthorne Elementary

Every year, the Missoula Education Foundation accepts proposals from teachers in K-12 classrooms throughout the Missoula County Public School District. Last year, we received over 40 proposals for amazing projects and programs that are innovative, creative, and designed to bring the joy of learning to students in Missoula. We funded projects ranging from a leveled reader at Rattlesnake Elementary School, to a Podcasting in Journalism project at Big Sky High School, to Breakout Mathematics Boxes at C.S. Porter Middle School. We always receive more applications than we can fund - and we are turning to you so that this year, we can do more for our teachers and students than ever before! 

We fund projects and programs that do NOT receive funding elsewhere, and are not provided for in the MCPS District budget. This year, teachers at MCPS have been told that due to budget cuts, money for equipment, supplies, and tools to make their lessons interesting and engaging will be even more limited than in years past. Our work is more important than it has ever been before, and we invite you to join us in supporting our public schools, teachers, and students! 

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About the Organization

Missoula Education Foundation

The Missoula Education Foundation was created in 2007 as an initiative of the Missoula County Public Schools Board. However, we operate separately, as a self-governed, separately funded organization.

Since 2007, we have distributed over $150,000 in Creative Classroom Grant funds to educators in the MCPS school district – these funds are not provided elsewhere in school budgets – and would not happen without the foundation. Missoula Education Foundation does not exist to supplant regular district funding.

In 2017-2018, over 3,400 students within the MCPS system will be engaged in one of our Creative Classroom Grant programs. We reach roughly 1 in 3 MCPS students via Creative Classroom projects. The MEF Board has set at goal to increase Creative Classroom Grant funding by 15% annually, every year going forward.

We also provide scholarships to graduating MCPS seniors attending in-state colleges and universities, and we manage the MCPS Educator of the Year Awards through our Student Board. This Student Board selects a High School, Middle School, and Elementary School educator...

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