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Help us let dogs be dogs through the power of play!



The Riverside County Department of Animal Services, San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus Volunteers would like your assistance to raise funds which will be used to retrofit our dog park so that it can be used as a functional play yard for shelter dogs. Play groups have been shown to help shelter dogs who are most stressed to stay emotionally healthy, and also help them be the best they can be so they can soon find homes. Several shelters across the country have used play groups with marked success.

"Play groups have been shown to help shelter dogs who are most stressed to stay emotionally healthy..."
Additionally, the benefits of play groups go beyond the obvious. For example, there are benefits for staff and volunteers as well. They are able to equip themselves with more information about the dogs in the play groups in order to place them in the right home. It has been said that the amount of energy dogs expend in a play group is far greater than going for a short walk with a volunteer. For example, 20 minutes of play is equivalent to approximately a 2 hour walk.  

"Seeing dogs out of their kennel and interacting with other dogs gives staff and volunteers a better idea of what this dog might be like outside of the shelter environment.  This makes it easier to match them with the right adopter with less trial and error" -Cindy Bruckart, CPDT

The money raised will be used to place a sliding door in-between the existing dog park areas and an entrance door in the rear of our facility.  The rear door  will provide safety for the dogs if one gets loose. Otherwise, the only entrance leads directly to a busy public street with no way to confine a loose dog.

These are a couple of our shelter dogs that would benefit from the conversion of our dog park to a dual purposed space: 

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