BBYO Day of Giving

Strengthen the BBYO movement by investing in the lives of teens who are poised to make our Jewish community, and the world, a better place.

A fundraising campaign for B'nai B'rith Camp

Portland BBYO allows Jewish teens to explore their Jewish identities, build leadership skills and form a Jewish community in a way that is meaningful to them and their peers. In Portland, BBYO chapters create meetings and events involving Jewish education, social action, recreation and community service. All funds raised today will go directly toward Portland scholarships, Portland programming and regional fundraising. We appreciate your support! 

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About the Organization

B’nai B’rith Camp builds strong, vibrant, and welcoming communities through our life-long programs for all ages that encourage engagement and self-discovery. Along with our summer camp programs we offer year round experiences for all (see our offerings listed below).

We are open to everyone; a catalyst to build long-term relationships and friendships; a place where individuals and families can encounter Jewish ideas, principles, practices, and values; and a special space for convening important conversations and retreats for both the Jewish and broader communities.

BB Camp’s programs, services, and experiences support a diverse and thriving community in having fulfilling and meaningful connections. Through our work, we create transformational experiences steeped in enduring Jewish values, in which differences are respected and communities are built.