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Battling Addiction and Homelessness by Building Community and Connection

A fundraising campaign for Pay It Forward - Clean & Sober Living


We answer this simple question; Where does someone go after treatment that was homeless before treatment?

We all know someone who has been affected, directly or indirectly, by the destruction of addiction. Addiction touches everyone, from the person afflicted to their families, friends and communities and it takes the effort of all who are touched to overcome this devastating disease. Your participation is critical to the future of our mission of helping those in early recovery begin to create meaningful lives through community connection.

Pay It Forward provides the critical link between treatment and long term recovery through supportive sober living.

The challenges faced by those in early recovery are many. Often their addiction has led to homelessness, unemployment, broken relationships and ultimately hopelessness. Pay It Forward will continue to offer hope to the hopeless, but we need YOUR generous support. Together we can help the broken in our community find hope and begin to heal. It is in that spirit of community that a faithful supporter has generously offered to match all contributions up to $15,000. What great timing for our new friends who are considering becoming a donor today; your donation will be doubled! A gift to Pay It Forward allows you to be part of a group that understands how vital community is to long-term recovery.

We encourage you to become a donor TODAY. Your investment enables us to continue providing access to all who are in need of safe, supportive, sober living as they embark on the road toward long-term recovery.

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About the Organization

Pay It Forward - Clean & Sober Living

The mission of Pay It Forward - Clean & Sober Living is to help heal the devastating effects of addiction by providing structured residential & assistance programs that reduce & prevent homelessness, unemployment, poverty and crime caused by substance abuse.

We do this by increasing their success after rehab, offering affordable, long term, peer-supported, high-accountability, zero-tolerance substance use recovery dormitories to men and women in our "Next Right Step" program, receiving homelessness services at Haven for Hope. This supportive, recuperative time helps them to reinforce the tools learned in treatment, gain employment, develop their recovery community and supports, while being supported by their peers and access to community supports for successful reintegration to the community, instead of returning to the same environment they came from. This helps prevent them from returning to homelessness. It costs less than $3,000 to care for each individual for the entire twelve months program.

We also provide "The Bridge" move-in assistance to individuals and families in...

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