Pave the Way to Randolph!

From the moment you walk up the brick pathway, you are home at the Randolph School. Leave your mark and support the next generation of Randolph families.

A fundraising campaign for The Randolph School

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About the Organization

A genuine philosophy of education is essentially a philosophy of life; living and learning are interdependent conditions.

Since human beings learn through exploration, interpretation of, and reaction to their world, then an appropriate educational approach encourages fearless exploration, challenge and exchange of ideas.

Children who are expected to participate in a democratic society must be educated in schools that allow the greater possible experience in making rational choices among a variety of alternatives, that also allow the widest possible experience in free interaction with others and in following their own lines of inquiry or investigation.

This will not be a silent school. A school where children are learning is a place full of the sound of laughter, of tears, of gaiety, of anger…the sound of children communicating…the sound of life…the sound of growing.

— The Randolph School Story, 1963