OXCM Cares Seed Sowers End-of-the-Year Campaign

With your help, Oxford Community Market improves access to healthy, local food by breaking down barriers of cost, transportation and consumer education!

A fundraising campaign for Oxford Community Market

Dear Oxford Community Market Supporter,

Thanks to you, what started as a little farmers market with a big mission is now increasing it's work to fight food insecurity in Oxford and Lafayette County. We're doing it one family at a time, one elderly neighbor at a time, one conversation about the heartbreaking reality of food insecurity at a time.

You see, food insecurity isn't just empty cupboards and empty bellies, it's empty calories from cheap, processed nutritionally deficient food that families are forced to choose because of income barriers.

Everyday, Oxford/Lafayette County moms and dads on tight budgets are faced with decisions about how to feed with their kids. Imagine you're at the grocery store with $10 bucks for food for you family. What do you do: buy a large amount of cheap, highly processed food, let's say ramen noodles for example, with little nutritional value or just a small amount of nutritionally dense but way more expensive fresh fruits and vegetables?

Naturally, you get the most for your money in terms of quantity to make sure that at least their bellies are full. This is the dilemma of food insecurity: having insufficient access to healthy, affordable nutritious food.

Oxford Community Market helps families who are faced with choosing lower quality foods because of the barriers of cost, transportation, and consumer education. 

Our farmers market takes direct action to fulfill our mission to improve access to healthy food! But the problem is big and we need your help to continue this meaningful work.

Here's what we do to help families eat healthier:

Fre$h $avings - SNAP customer get up to $10 extra in "bonus bucks" to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmers market.

WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Voucher Participating Market - $8,000 in WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program Vouchers distributed in Lafayette County for moms and kids to use at the farmers market.

OXCM Cares - A weekly fresh food drive sends local fruits and vegetables to home-bound residents of C.B. Webb and to the Oxford Food Pantry.

OXCM Mobile Market - A mini-market pilot project that takes healthy, local produce to neighborhood where residents face transportation barriers. 

Can we count on you to support our 2016 End-Of-The-Year Campaign? Our goal is to get even more healthy food into the kitchens of our friends and neighbors in 2017 by increasing the number of good food care packages we deliver each week and launching full-scale Mobile Market programming in neighbors of high need. We have over 7,000 people in our county who receive SNAP benefits – that's a lot of outreach work to get the word out about how the market can help those families access healthy, local food! But, with your support, we can do it – like we said: one family at a time, one conversation at a time.

That’s why our goal for this campaign is to raise $5,000 by December 31st.  If we raise that amount, we’ll be able to expand our outreach to families in need . We need your help to make it happen.

Would you be willing to make a special year-end donation of $50, $100 or whatever you can afford to help us meet our goal. We simply can’t do it without you.  Your support will make a real, lasting impact in the lives of those who are still in need. Your gift is an investment in the health and well-being of Oxford and Lafayette County families.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship.

With gratitude,

Betsy Chapman

Oxford Community Market

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About the Organization

Oxford Community Market

Oxford Community Market is a weekly farmers market with a mission to make healthy, local food more accessible to all people in our community, especially those facing barriers of cost and transportation.

The purpose of the Oxford Community Market includes, but is not limited to, addressing food insecurity in Oxford, Mississippi. Its goal is to increase access to fresh food for local and regional community members. The Community Market connects growers and producers with customers, delivering affordable, regionally grown and nutritious foodstuffs. The Community Market promotes better health, social awareness, and public dialogues that drive a sustainable economic system for vendors, customers, the market, and the communities we serve.

OXCM's Programming includes:

Oh, SNAP! - An incentive program that provides a dollar-for-dollar match, up to $10, to customers using SNAP benefits at the market to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.

WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Voucher Participating Market - We are Lafayette County's only redemption site for WIC Farmers Market...

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