Dear Center for Law and Social Justice at Medgar Evers College Family & Friends,
This election season finds our country in crisis. As our community navigates through the urgency and obstacles of 2024, it’s clearer than ever that our strength lies in unity and a relentless march toward progress, especially in the worst of times.
But even while we vote, we must do more - much more to build up community power.
Our Future Our Vote Campaign
From now through 2025 (and beyond!), we are working to build Black political power with a special focus on Black youth civic and electoral power. Join us in our Urban View Gives Campaign to support this vital effort to raise unrestricted funds to support our work.
Our Future Our Vote isn’t just a campaign—it’s a promise in action. A promise to prepare the next generation of Black voters, leaders and civic organizers. We’re working to ensure they’re educated, fired up, and ready to lead us into a brighter future.
We’ve set a bold goal: Raise $29,000 from February 1st through February 29th. We know that with your heart and support, we will make it happen.
How We Work
Educate to Liberate: We're serving up knowledge on civic engagement and voter rights, ensuring our folks are well-equipped to make informed decisions and stand tall.
Mobilize the Masses: Through interactive and empowering workshops and civics courses, we're sculpting our community's future leaders and activists.
Empower Like Never Before: This initiative will spark a chain reaction of empowerment. When we lift the youth, we elevate an entire community. We’re not just educating young voters from our community: 
  • We’re hiring students from Medgar Evers College as paid interns who will help with civic education, outreach and engagement. 
  • We’re preparing the next generation with the tools they need to engage in canvassing and dialogues with their peers to encourage more civic engagement.
  • We’re building out CLSJ's capacity and partnering with other organization to hyper target traditionally forgotten community members like low wage workers, public housing residents and students.
But we need your help to expand this effort. 
How You Can Make a Difference
Show Some Love with a Donation: Every single dollar of unrestricted donations brings us closer to our goal. Your generous gift ensures we can secure the materials and resources that allow us to keep doing the work and supporting our community like only we know how. Let’s Make It Happen.

Spread the Good Word: Get your circle in on this! Share our mission with your friends, family, and co-workers. Encourage them to throw their support behind the future of Black leadership.
Stay in the Mix: Keep up with CLSJ and Our Future Our Vote. Hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and jump into the conversation using #OurFutureOurVote.
Answer the Call
In these crucial times, our fight for justice and equality is more vital than ever. With your backing, we can continue dismantling barriers, challenging injustices, and setting the stage for a future rich in opportunity and equity.
Let’s do this together, fight back to back, and create a legacy that lasts a lifetime. Invest in Our Future Our Vote, and be part of the movement that’s preparing tomorrow’s leaders for the battles ahead.

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