Off The Block's Global Citizen Ambassadors

Chicago teens have been selected to present at the 2017 Edna Manley College Rex Nettleford Arts Conference in Kingston, Jamaica. Make their dream come true!

At M.U.R.A.L. (Magnifying Urban Realities and Affecting Lives) we believe that urban inner-city youth should become global citizens to explore cultural similarities and differences that are prevalent in international communities. We seek to empower youth by offering culturally relevant educational programming to our students.

 The Off the Block Study Abroad Program (OTBSA) is the vision of our Co-Founders Ayesha and Wasalu Jaco. As youth their parents immersed them the cultural diversity of Chicago neighborhoods and kept National Geographic Magazines in the home to provide a window to the world.

Inspired by creativity and a deep curiosity the Jaco youth began to travel. After exploring many parts of the globe, they wanted to make sure inner-city youth like them had the chance to become global citizens.

Our recent Give Tuesday Passport campaign has allowed us to provide 30 inner-city youth with passports to study culture in various parts of the Caribbean.

We are seeking a monetary donation to support 10 inner-city youth to perform and present at the 2017 Rex Nettleford Arts Conference at the Edna Manley Arts College in Kingston Jamaica October 11-14th.

With your help Chicago teens will continue to be " Ambassadors for Peace."

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About the Organization

MURAL (Magnifying Urban Realities and Affecting Lives)

M.U.R.A.L. (Magnifying Urban Realities & Affecting Lives) is a uniquely interdisciplinary grassroots-driven organization that works to inspire and unite Chicago communities and their youth by providing transformative resources. that are in short supply. Our mission is to provide inner-city youth with educational opportunities that enhance their ability to become global citizens.

The Passport Project is part of our Off the Block initiative. While growing up on the west-side of Chicago our co-founders mother gave them National Geographic Magazines to read. The articles and pictures in the magazines inspired a deep curiosity within them to see the world. Once they began to travel the world, they wanted to make sure that inner-city youth like them, were given the same opportunity.