Oiled Wildlife Care Network & Vet Clinic

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A fundraising campaign for California Living Museum

An average of 800 animals come through CALM's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (CWRC) each year. With the ultimate goal of release back to the wild, CWRC treats California native wildlife that has been injured, orphaned or abandoned. Each animal that is brought into our rehabilitation is seen by a veterinary team to ensure that the best medical care is being offered to help these animals along their journey of healing. 

Those who cannot be released back into the wild are offered a place at CALM to live out their remaining years. 

Once an animal becomes a member of our CALM Crew, they are given the best veterinary care to ensure that their lives are as comfortable as possible. 

CALM has over 250 species that call us home.

As we continue to further our mission of wildlife release and education,  it is imperative that we continue to bring new innovations to our facilities. Enter CALMs Oiled Wildlife and Veterinary Clinic!

Partnering with UC Davis and the Oiled Wildlife Care Network, CALM is starting the build on the first inland oiled wildlife care center in California. 

Humans depend on oil in all aspects of our daily lives whether it be directly or indirectly. As much as we strive to keep wildlife out of anything oil related, sometimes that doesn't happen. That's where trained wildlife teams come in. 

The Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN) trains team members to respond to any and all oil spills and exposures as it relates to wildlife. Their skills allow for animals exposed to oil to be treated and released back into the wild. 

CALMs OWCN and Vet Clinic will act as the first inland hub and training center for oiled wildlife. It has been specially designed to offer the very best of care to widlife exposed to oil or suffering from a variety of injuries.

Complete with a surgery suite and the very best of modern technology, the addition of this builiding will allow CWRC to help thousands of animals return to the wild each year. 

Your donation to this project directly benefits the wildlife of California one wing, paw, claw, and hoof at at time. 

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