Wonderful Wildlife Care Clinic Matching

Help CALM Help Wildlife

A fundraising campaign for California Living Museum

Partnering with The Wonderful Company, UC Davis and The Oiled Wildlife Care Network, CALM is putting the finishing touches on our new, state of the art veterinary center, and we need your help!

The Wonderful Wildlife Care Clinic will aid in the care and release of California Native Wildlife as well as help care for the animals that call CALM home. 

An average of 800 animals come through CALM's Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (CWRC) each year. With the ultimate goal of release back to the wild, CWRC treats California native wildlife that has been injured, orphaned or abandoned. Each animal that is brought into our rehabilitation is seen by a veterinary team to ensure that the best medical care is being offered to help these animals along their journey of healing. 

Those who cannot be released back into the wild are offered a place at CALM to live out their remaining years. 

Once an animal becomes a member of our CALM Crew, they are given the best veterinary care to ensure that their lives are as comfortable as possible. 

The Wonderful Wildlife Care Clinic allows our veterinary team to expand on our medical care and educational opportunities. 

Now that the building is nearing completion, we need your help to fill it with medical equipment such as X-Ray machines, ultrasounds, kennels, carts, PPE and more. 

The Wonderful Company has graciously offered to cover up to $100,000 of a community match which will help cover the cost of this equipment. 

Help Us Help Wildlife by giving today!

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