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A fundraising campaign for Finger Lakes Toy Library, Inc.

A generous donor has challenged FLTL to raise $500 on New Year's Eve to unlock another $500 in matching funds! Can you help us meet this challenge?!

      Every dollar given to to FLTL goes directly towards supporting play in our community!

 In just 18 months the Finger Lakes Toy Library has built a strong network of members, community supporters, and partner organizations. We rely on public financial support to provide our services to ALL children and families in our area, regardless of ability to pay. We are almost entirely volunteer-run, and all of your dollars directly impact families in our community.

The Finger Lakes Toy Library is an independent 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to improve quality of life by increasing access to toys, supporting play, and encouraging a culture of reuse and sharing. Play is increasingly being shown to be invaluable to the development and education of children, especially during early childhood, and we are positively impacting Ithaca's children by making high-quality toys and opportunities for play accessible to everyone in the community.

Please visit our website or Facebook page to find out more about us, our programming, and all of the great reasons to share a community toy library: http://www.fingerlakestoylibrary.org facebook.com/fingerlakestoylibrary

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About the Organization

Finger Lakes Toy Library, Inc.

Finger Lakes Toy Library, Inc., is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with the mission to improve quality of life: by increasing access to toys, supporting play, and encouraging a culture of reuse and sharing.

We operate a toy lending library based in Ithaca, NY that shares high-quality toys to members from all parts of our community. Play is essential to child development, and we provide children with the tools of that play. We focus on open-ended, creative playthings that encourage imaginative, skill-building play. A toy library has a myriad of benefits to a community, and our first members are raving about the service the toy library has provided them. In just 5 months we now have 71 member families, with 111 children, and we are growing every day!

In addition to lending toys out of our Ithaca location, we are also engaging community members in play experiences in several other area locations. We hold a free monthly Playtime at Southside Community Center, and bring our Playtimes and STEM Playtimes to many area libraries and community events and festivals.

FLTL has a...

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