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Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge consists of approximately 48,000 acres of bottom land hardwoods and upland mixed forests.  The primary purpose is to provide sanctuary and breeding habitat for waterfowl, migratory birds, and other wildlife.  Several protected species including the American alligator, bald eagle, and red cockaded woodpecker make the refuge  home.

Each year volunteers donate thousands of hours  to the refuge. These volunteers come from Friends of Noxubee Refuge, Volunteer Starkville, and Maroon Volunteers. In order to achieve maximum output from the volunteers, a volunteer coordinator is needed.  Friends of Noxubee Refuge is committed to raising funds for the refuge to employ a part time volunteer coordinator.

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About the Organization

Friends Of Noxubee Refuge

Friends of Noxubee Refuge promotes the preservation of the natural and historical resources of Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge, promotes and supports the dissemination of knowledge of its natural and cultural history, fosters its use and enjoyment by the public consistent with the protection and preservation of the environment, and engages in educational, scientific, charitable, and scientific activities to assist Refuge management in carrying out its mandates.

Friends of Noxubee Refuge was incorporated in the state of Mississippi on May 1, 2003, and is a 501(c)(3) organization. Since its inception, Friends members have contributed thousands of hours to activities such as Canoe Day, Eagle Watch Day, National Refuge Day, Refuge Cleanup Day, Youth Fishing Derby, Annual Photo Contest, Noxubee Nature Store, and working at the information desk in the Visitors Center.