Night Without a Bed

Give up the comfort of your bed for one night to help uplift homeless families in our community.

A fundraising campaign for Family Promise of North Idaho

We at Family Promise of North Idaho are honored to be able to help homeless families in our community get back on their feet by providing temporary shelter, meals, transportation, employment-seeking assistance, and other social services. We collaborate with dozens of local churches and an extensive network of volunteers and staff to bring our communities' resources together. Nearly 80% of our families succeed at establishing housing security within 90 days and we are one of the few nonprofit organizations that includes fathers when sheltering families. 

In 2019, nearly 15,000 families were homeless without shelter and over 155,000 more were relying on charity shelters in the U.S. This year, nearly half of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and the threat of homelessness looms for many of them. With sustained increases in unemployment and looming evictions for many families-half of whom are unsure of how they will pay their rent or mortgage next month-we need to help each other now more than ever. 

On Friday, October 23rd, we will be joining forces to raise awareness about homelessness and to invite donations for our fundraiser in a fun and creative way by asking you to give up your bed for one night. You can sleep on your living room floor, camp out in the backyard, head for the backcountry, or find some other way to spend a night without a bed; and you are encouraged to invite your family and friends to participate. In fact, we are asking that you help us take this opportunity to reach out to your social network, friends,  family, and colleagues and invite them to join us in helping to make our community stronger and to uplift those who are in the greatest need.

People who participate in #NightWithoutaBed are invited to post photos of your experience on your social media, Facebook, Twitter, and use the hashtag #NightWithoutABed. Please help us reach out to uplift families battling homelessness by clicking here to copy this link to our fundraising campaign: Night Without a Bed

During the event, we at Family Promise of North Idaho be sending out #Nightwithoutabed updates on our Facebook page and hope that you will join our community at a time when unity and good deeds for the common good are more important than ever. 

Let's spend a #Nightwithoutabed so that other families and children in our own local community don't have to. 

Thanks so much for your participation!

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