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In February 2010 it was a dream – create a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization in Iowa that could advance the notion that democracy is best served by a vibrant, free press casting a critical eye while examining public matters in depth. 

In February 2019, IowaWatch starts its 10th year of an Iowa Center for Investigative Reporting-IowaWatch that has been honored nationally for its multimedia journalism and in Iowa, as well, with honors ranging from continually winning Iowa Broadcast News Association awards for its weekly radio program to being the Iowa Association for Justice’s Journalist of the Year in 2014.

All of this has happened because a growing number of supporters say they believe in the center’s mission and vision. has shared its news stories with more than 100 newspapers, web-based news organizations, radio stations and television stations. These stories would not have seen the day of light without that effort, and supporters' donations to IowaWatch.

Meanwhile, the center continues to train college student journalists to do this work at a high, ethical level so that those students know the depth necessary for factual, vetted reporting that makes democracy stronger. And here's a nice by-product: many of those who once were students at IowaWatch now are mentors and coaches for today's emerging journalists.

We face a lot of challenges, sustaining nonprofit news in this exciting time in our nation's history. But IowaWatch is ready for 2019, guided by our mission and vision.

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