New Roots Mural at the Historic Clinton House

A fundraising campaign for New Roots Charter School

Help us celebrate the vision of a socially just society, a healthy local economy, and a thriving natural world for all!

At New Roots, we inspire young people to lead the way to
a Just and Sustainable Future.
Your support will help them do just that!

New Roots Junior Ahja Haedicke is working with Ithaca Murals to organize a mural to be painted on the back of our school this spring. Ahja's vision for the project is to have an experienced artist design and paint a mural that celebrates the New Roots vision of a future for our community integrating the essential elements of Social Justice, a Healthy Local Economy, and a Thriving Natural World. Our school community is invited to be involved in all aspects of the project including fundraising, jurying proposals, and painting.

Please support this inspiring Community Project by helping us reach our $3,000 fundraising goal. Thanks for your support!

With your help, this mural will be a colorful expression of our school values important for our whole community to see.

Ahja Haedicke

Project coordinator and Junior at New Roots Charter School

"We want this project to build youth leadership both at New Roots and in the larger community. Art is a positive and creative way to do this and will represent the values of Social Justice and Sustainability in a way that can be enjoyed by the entire community. A unique aspect of this project is that students can be involved throughout the whole process, from fundraising to decision making to painting, so they can develop skills necessary to work on a project like this. This project will also contribute to building positive relationships; between New Roots and the community, between New Roots students and other young people, aspiring and experienced artists, community organizations and artists, young people and community leaders."

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