Virtual Paddle Raise

Preparing the Next Generation to Lead and Succeed

Video: No one shares the impact of debate better than our inspiring debaters themselves. Press "play" above to meet Olivia Northcutt-Wyly, the 2020 Debater of the Year. To learn more about Olivia, click here. 

About the Virtual Paddle Raise: 

Every spring, NAUDL visits a city in the urban debate network to host our marquee events, the Annual Dinner and the Urban Debate National Championship (UDNC). This year, amid the COVID-19 crisis, we of course had no choice but to cancel our 2020 events. However, that doesn’t mean we will cancel our spirit of celebration -- and we encourage you to visit to see some special features. In lieu of the Annual Dinner, our largest annual fundraiser, your support of the Virtual Paddle Raise, large or small, will help to ensure the adaptability and continuity of NAUDL’s program and resources. We are especially grateful for your generosity in these uncertain days, weeks and months to come. With your help, we are more committed than ever to preparing the next generation to lead and succeed. 

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