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A fundraising campaign for Carnegie Art Center

My Journey at the Carnegie Art Center:

I started volunteering at the Carnegie Art Center in 2015. I helped plan their events and install their art exhibitions, in addition to other tasks they needed help with. In January 2019, they officially put me on the payroll! On November 1, 2020 I left my job at Arts Services Initiative to pursue a career at the Carnegie Art Center and I've dedicated my time there ever since. It's been quite the journey so far and I'm SO excited for what's to come at the Carnegie this year and beyond. 

My Birthday is Tuesday, February 18th. Help make my Birthday extra special by donating to this place that is very close to my heart.


About the Carnegie Art Center:

Built in 1903, the Carnegie Art Center was originally gifted to the city of North Tonawanda as a Library by Andrew Carnegie, making it the center of town for many years. 

Since 1974, the building has served as an arts center hosting visual and performing arts for the community. We also host art classes and workshops for children and adults in addition to concerts, presentations, private events and more.

The organization is primarily managed by volunteers and part time staff members, making donations crucial to its existence. I am asking the community to keep the Carnegie Art Center thriving with art, live music, performing arts, classes for kids and more by donating to my Birthday Fundraiser!

Our gallery space is comprised of over 2,000 square feet being split between the beautiful Rotunda North Gallery, and the side East Gallery. The space consists of original furnishings from when it was a Library including the original stained-glass skylight in the lobby.


In addition to exhibitions and special events, the Carnegie Art Center is open 4 days a week: Wed & Thursday, 6-8PM and Friday & Sat. 12-4PM. Stop by and say hello!

Or learn more about the Carnegie on our website:

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