Our Existence is Resistance -MRC Strong for 2019!

A fundraising campaign for Multicultural Resource Center

Lift as we Rise! Help MRC remain the strong and transformative organizing and healing hub it is today!

Have you ever anxiously wondered with uncertainty what the future year will bring? By the end of 2017, MRC was going through deep change and envisioning our existence for 2018 year was tough.  Well, it turns out that it wasn't up to us to stay alive and relevant, it was up to our community. 

Over the past year, we had over 150 community members lift up MRC by becoming monthly sustainers for a one year commitment and/or make one time contributions! We raised over $20,000 thanks to YOU! Of course, our family circle also got wider. We had several community members show up to help us with projects from website management, to  cleaning our building space, to giving rides to our Youth Fellows, to providing hot meals to our participants, to purchasing cleaning supplies.  And in turn, we were able to continue to do what we do best...support our most vulnerable communities by continuing to be a strong unique hub for education, organizing and healing. This is what community really looks like! MRC's existence is resistance!

For 2019 our goal is to match or exceed last year's $20,000 fundraising goal! We can do this together again! Your monthly sustainer contribution will support deep impact work and lifts up a grassroots  organization led by people of color! AND NEW THIS YEAR, all sustainers will get free monthly tools & swag from MRC!

Join us in welcoming 2019 with a $9, $19, or $29 (or name your own amount) tax deductible monthly contribution! One time donations are also welcome! 

The Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) envisions a world where all people experience human dignity, love, and self expression, where there is power to the people, not power over the people. MRC collaborates with many community organizations and educational institutions to offer a number of programs and events throughout the year that further our mission. MRC is a unique space and place in Ithaca NY, where people from all walks of life can bring their whole selves. QUE VIVA MRC! 

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About the Organization

Multicultural Resource Center

The Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) engages in cultural and systemic transformation by building with our communities to eliminate barriers to racial justice, cultural dignity, equity and inclusion, and indigenous rights.